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MAP Permanent Placement and Recruiting Service Exclusively for Manufacturing

You Give Us The Job Description for the Position You Need…

Then we integrate the ingredients of what you’re looking for into our proven interview methodology, a finely tuned process that results in a small number of highly qualified candidates. In fact, we submit only the top three candidates to you, sparing you the significant time and energy required to interview unqualified candidates.

It’s an efficient approach that quickly searches a regional pool of talent to deliver candidates to you—candidates our recruiters have personally evaluated for the skills and cultural fit you’re looking for. As a result, you get the right person working for you in less time… and with less expense!
We get you the person you want.
And who has more experience with manufacturing workers than MAP?

Fee Structure


Salary Range

Non- Members


$15.00/hr. Minimum Rate



$16.00 – 18.99/hr.



$19.00 +


*Includes a 60-day guarantee. They work out or you don’t pay.

… and we screen out the knuckleheads!

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