Helping Philadelphia Manufactures since 2006

Have You Let MAP Assist Your Company Yet?

The Manufacturing Alliance of Philadelphia (MAP) was created to give voice to issues affecting manufacturing companies here in the Philadelphia region.

What is MAP?

The Manufacturing Alliance of Philadelphia is a regional trade organization created to give voice to the owners and employees of this important economic sector. The Alliance addresses issues of policy, economic development, job training and other topics relevant to the growth and economic well being of the industry. Its members are manufacturing and allied industry groups from within the region who work in collaboration with government and other agencies to resolve challenges that might harm the sector. The manufacturing companies within the Philadelphia region have lacked one important ingredient vital to their growth and survival – cohesiveness. Without this force, they are not buying or selling from one other, they are not being recognized by government and they are not able to take advantage of resources that could help their companies grow. MAP was created to unify manufacturing.