Take Advantage of Group Buying Power
with MAP’s Group Energy Buy / Gas & Electric

Are You Buying Your Energy with MAP?

Most of you are continually receiving calls from energy brokers promising to reduce your energy costs. Most of these brokers know little about manufacturing’s unique energy profile and are not just annoying, they’re also wasting of your time.


How You Save Money

MAP has assembled a team of manufacturing energy usage experts, led by our partner Premier Energy Group, LLC. Premier conducts a free study of your plants energy usage, your peaks and valleys, then matches your energy signature with an energy provider who can offer you the lowest price, based upon how you consume gas and electric. Certain energy suppliers charge less than others during peak energy usage.
Don’t wade into this complex area by yourself. Energy purchases are like buying any other commodity on the open market. You need someone who understands the market, who understands your usage patterns, who understands manufacturing.

For more information and for a free evaluation of your energy consumption contact MAP’s energy partner:

Stephanie Santo
Phone: 732-302-0601 x613   Mobile: 732-580-9924 
[email protected]

Also: Don’t forget to get more information about energy upgrades through MAP, PECO and Constellation Energy’s no upfront costs program. Contact: Steve Jurash at [email protected].