What is MAP?
The Manufacturing Alliance of Philadelphia is a regional trade organization created to give voice to the owners and employees of this important economic sector. The Alliance addresses issues of policy, economic development, job training and other topics relevant to the growth and economic well being of the industry. Its members are manufacturing and allied industry groups from within the region who work in collaboration with government and other agencies to resolve challenges that might harm the sector.

The manufacturing companies within the Philadelphia region have lacked one important ingredient vital to their growth and survival – cohesiveness. Without this force, they are not buying or selling from one other, they are not being recognized by government and they are not able to take advantage of resources that could help their companies grow. MAP was created to unify manufacturing.

MAP Mission
To strengthen manufacturing in the Philadelphia region by ensuring a voice in government, establishing collegial relationships between companies and providing the means improve efficiency, competitiveness and profitability for members.

Why Join?
By joining MAP, you become part of something larger than yourself - an association of manufacturers who are all pulling in the same direction. Over the past two decades, government and public policy makers have concluded that manufacturing is dead in this region. If you have ever experienced difficulties in dealing with local government to resolve issues, it's because they don't consider manufacturing to be all that important.

By becoming part of MAP you get a voice in how government treats you; you get an advocate who represents your interest and who fights for programs that can help you grow. MAP is a ready vehicle to help you find and do business with each other - both in and outside the Philadelphia region.

We are here to help train employees, find you government grants and loans and generally bring you different kinds of information designed to help grow your company and make it prosper. Become part of something here, now...today!

Exclusive Discounts. Competitive Services. Leading Expertise. The Manufacturing Alliance of Philadelphia brings the power and influence of more than 4,000 manufacturing companies to the table.

Join the Manufacturing Alliance of Philadelphia.
Your Voice, only Louder!

Companies or organizations willing to make a significant investment in manufacturing.
Full Member
Full Members must be manufacturers — this classification includes establishments engaged in the mechanical or chemical transformation of materials or substances into new products. These establishments are usually described as plants, factories, or mills and characteristically use power driven machines and materials handling equipment. Establishments engaged in assembling component parts of manufactured products are also considered manufacturing if the new product is neither a structure nor other fixed improvement. Also included is the blending of materials, such as lubricating oils, plastics resins, or liquors. Sic classifications 2000-3999, NAICS 3360 — 339999
Allied Member
Allied Members are non manufacturing firms, closely allied with and important to manufacturers. Typically these are material suppliers and other wholesale establishments.











Full Member










Allied Member





















Please contact Steve Jurash at (215) 948-9285 x101 for more information)

(Rates updated July 2015)