Manufacturing Worker Resumes
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Skills for Hire Resumes:
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Accounting / CPA
Administration - Office Clerical
Assemblers Electronic & ETC
Auto Body Repair
Brake Operator
Building Facilities Maintenance
Chemical Industry / Manufacturing / R&D
Custodial Maintenance
Customer Service
Electronic Componet Exp.
Facilities Manager, Specialist etc
Food Services ETC.
General Labor - Fork Lift Operators
Heavy Equipment Operators
Human Resources (HR)
Inventory Control
Machine Maintenance
Machine Operators
Mechanical Assembly - Electrical
Pharma / R&D
Plant Supervision - Mgmt.
Printing (Press Operators)
Quality Control
Sales & Marketing
Sheet Metal Workers
Steel Fabricator / Machine Opr.
Warehousing (Shipping & Receiving)

Skills for Hire Resumes:

James Fetko
Sheet Metal & Welder
Michael Tillman
Very experienced Machine Operator
Adam Lerner
BS in Mechanical Engineering!! PSU!!!
Brian Judge
Metal Fabricator
Drew Suchodolski
Welder, Machine Operator, General Laborer, jack of all trades
James Fetko
Sheet Metal & Welder
McMenamin, M
Vast experience
James Fetko
Skilled Welder and Sheet Metal abilities
Kosierowski, Joseph
Plant Manager / Supervision / Production Manager
Green, C
S/R, WH, Lbr
Anthony Rivera
General Labor, Shipping Receiving, Welding skills VET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Bodor
Electronics Technician Electro Mechanical Assembler
Boffinger, S
Chemical Operator Back ground.
V. Varghese
Manufacturing Supervisor / Production Computer Skills
Donald Reeves
Boiler Certified
Daisa Singleton
CNC Machinist/Operator
Patrick N. - (Pharma R&D)
Exceptional extensive experience

Accounting / CPA
Renee Mastricardi
Front Office and Accounting Function Manager
TerryAnne Scipione
Multi Talented and Skilled
Michelle A. Dougherty
Materials and Office Management
Robert V.M.
Excellent experience and stability of employment
Diane Diak
Accounting and Front Office Experience
Ronald E. Coleman, Jr.
Lead accountant/CPA

Administration - Office Clerical
Agnes A. McK -( Admin)
"Jack of all trades!"
Shawna Baggett
Secretarial and Customer Service Skills are excellent
Patricia L. Nicholson
Administrative duties
Nicolette Greif
Great Basic Skills
Shawna Baggett
EXCELLENT Admin / Clerical Skills
Liz Alamo
Clerical Admin
Gabrielle Palilionis
See the resume to evaluate skills, could be an Intern and accountant fill in!!!
Thuy Van Ton
Accounting Strengths
Kimberly Segars
Admin, Sec., Clerical = Office Manager Skills
J.E. Colon
Excellent Admin to do EVERYTHING!!!! Great personality
S. Baggett
Maura F.
Excellent customer service skills
T. Chaka
Excellent Computer Skills
Danielle Marie Harris
Materials Management - Planner / Scheduler

Sims, Jeremy
Extremely artistic and talented

Assemblers Electronic & ETC
Abraham Germaini
Mechanical Assembler
Mason, Eric
Electronics assembly and electrical knowledge!
A. Lewis
Mechanical Assembler
Eric Bailey
Production Assembler
Lamont Hayes
Miscellaneous Assembly skills
Brian G. - Assem. - Fab.- WH
Variety of skill sets - Welder, assembler, warehousing, power tools, etc.
Eric Taub
Excellent technical skills
Steven Estrada
Variety of skills!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marsha Polidor
Machine Operator and Assembler
Michael P. T. - (Elect. & Electronics Assmb.)
Electrician Lightning Specialist
Amy Sosa
Assembler and Team Coordinator

Auto Body Repair
Anthony Vogel
Auto Repair & WH -SR
Hackem, Zahir
Variety of Auto Skills
Felix S.
Certified Appraiser and Licensed!
S. Maxein
Excellent Stability and THE Experience!

Diarra, A.
Aviation Mechanic
Bryan A.
Aviation - Manufacturing
Philip T. Y. Jr.
Aerospace experience extensive
Michael J N - mo / aviation
Aviation and Machine Operation Skilled

Brake Operator
Chris L.H. - bo
Extensive Laser and Brake Operator
Michael V.
Brake Opr., Fitter, Welder
Michael S.
Well rounded Machine Brake Operator

Building Facilities Maintenance
Greo, Zoilo
Maintenance Skills

Brittany Gonzalez
Auto Cad, Auto desk, 3D Max Design
Tianchi H. - CAD
Auto CAD extraordinaire!!!!!
Arthur M. - CNC, CAD
Sharif Jordon
Auto CAD, Design Specialist

John W.
Eperienced in multiple maintinence areas
Greg S.
Multi facited skilled maintinence experience
B. Harmon
Experienced Carpenter
Cedeno B.
Carpentry, Electrical, and other building Skills
Matt C.Sr. - Carp.
Carpentry and Building maintenance and repair experience
Paul Leinhauser
Carpentry, General Labor
Hemmons, Scott P
Professional Carpenter / Super
Gregory Young
Electrical, Plumbing, construction all the skills
James Brown
General Labor and Carpentry Skills

Chemical Industry / Manufacturing / R&D
Stephen W.
USArmy Vet and Pharma Tech
Renee Hite
WH / SR chemical handler
C. L.Moffett
Chemical and Pharma experience
Luck H. - (CNC & Marketing !!!)
What a skill combination!!!!
A. Falco
Lab Tech / Chemical
Stefin Henry
Production Operator/ Chemical and General Labor skills
Elder W. - (Production and Chem Mixer)
Chemical Machine Operator and Mixer
Larry Freeman
Laboratory and Chem Sanitation Skills
Brandon Emory
Chemical Processor in multi-industral area's
David Quinones
Jack of all trades/chemical
R. Cruz
Machine Operator / Maintenance Trouble Shooter
Joseph Lebo
Chemical Shipping and Receiving Skills General Lbr!
Douglas S. Phd.
Say no more - Phd. !!!
Tracy, John
Chemical Operator and Supervisor Great Skills

Alden Wise
CNC Machinist and Forklift Operator
Jonathan M. - CNC-CAD
CNC - CAD Draftsman
Anthony Mitchell
CNA Machine Operator
Fitzgerald J. - CNC Machnest, Welder
CNC machinist, Welder, Fork Lift Cert.
Norton, J
Variety of machinery experience
Rovkin, V
MS Civil Enginnering!!! VAST Experience
Mark Friend
CNC Machine Operator, Installation and Maintenance Splist
Taylor C. - CNC
Set up and operator / CNC
Mark Friend
CNC Machine Operator, Installation and Maintenance Splist
Harry R. B. - CNC Mach. Opr.
CNC, Machine Opr.
William Pivariunas
Excellent Education and Experience
Bryan C. -(CNC Oper)
CNC Machinest
Arthur M. - CNC, CAD opr.
CNC, CAD opr.
Richards , A
CNC Machine Operator
A. Mitchell
CNC, Machine Operator
Kenneth B. ( CNC Opr)
Varied experience in different types of CNC Machinery and controls.
Torey V. DeM. - mo/cnc
Machine Operator / CNC Experience
Kepha N. N. - CAD CNC Machinest
CNC, CAD & CAM experience
Rodney Edwards
Experienced Machine Operator - CNC
Anthony R. - CNC
CNC Operator and Boring Mill operator
Mark Bullard
Excellent CNC Skills and knowledge
James W. - CNC / CAD / Auto CAD
Full array of CNC CAD skills
Anwar H.B. - CNC
CNC Machinist
Michael J. D. Jr. CNC Supervisor
CNC Machine Shop Foreman
Terrence Nicholsen
CNC Machine Operator
Richard R. - cnc opr.
CNC Machining - Lathe Set up
Richard M. Fierro
CNC Machiinest
Samuel Fisher
Extensive CNC skills
Adam Rakic
Outstanding skills and very varied!
Mathew Thomas
CNC Machine operator
Paul G. - ( CNC Oper.)
Educated and certified operator
Patrick A.S. - CNC opr
CNC Operator
Edwards, Rodney
C N C Machine Operator
Michael Constantine
CNC Machinest 30 plus years experience
Robert Kelleher
Carpentry and electrical skill as well.
Kasahun Williams-Jeffe
CNC, CAD, Machine Operator with multiple skills
F. Johnson
CNC Machine Operator - Welder
Khalil Fellah Touta
CNC and Machine Operator
Julian A. C.
Multi skills
L. Ramos
CNC & Machine Operator
CNC - Machinest
Brandon J. S.
CNC Milling Certified
Anthony M.
Certified Technican
CNC Machine operator
Evan K. - CNC
Taylor C.
Machinest - CNC & Manual
Alcon, M.
CNC Machinest
Andrew W.
CNC machining and Supervision Skills
H R Baker
Machine - CNC Oper.
Anthony R.
CNC operator & VBM operator
William "Billy" Patterson
CNC, Industrial Painter, Welder- MIG / TIG
Robert P.
CNC Machine Operator
Mark B.
CNC Skills
Duc M. L.
CNC Machinest
Paul G.
Printing venue

Rohan Flynn
Energy Weatherization etc.
Tawan F.
Intelligent , good worker, variety of experience
Myers, C.
General Lbr / Construction
Brandon W.
Multi Facited
J. Hicks
Remodeling and Carpentry
Williams Dasmond
Construction / Carpentry / Gen Labor
Kevin McGee
Construction / Carpentry
McCandless J
Painter and Construction
Andrew Arnold
Workshop Foremen

Custodial Maintenance
A. Torres
General Labor
Cyrus, David
Handyman Skills

Customer Service
James J. H. Jr.
Customer Service and Sales / Marketing skills
Nina Link
Medical Specialist in an office setting

Erick Zuniga
Technical support with electrical skills
Anthony Passineau
Electrical and Fabrication Skills in turbine industry
Khaled Sellami
Saputelli, S
Electronic Componet Repair
Boanes, L
Electrial and power experience
Raul B. - (Elect)
Schematics, Electrical blue prints skills
Tyree E.
Industrial, Residential and Commercial Experience
Rodger M.
Vast Electriacal Skills and Education
Marcus A.G.
Residential and Commercial Electrical experience with Motor and Controls knowledge.
Gregory S.
Experienced in Ele., Carp., Plumbing., etc.
Jason OB
Electrical Experience
Roger M. - Ele
Well rounder Electrical Skills
Mark F. - ( Electrical & HVAC)
Electrical & HVAC
Adany S.
Residential and Commercial Electrical experience
John W.
Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing experience

Electronic Componet Exp.
Roger Moore
Electronics and Electrical skills
Michael S. W.- Electro Assmb.)
Electromechanical Systems
El, C
Vast knowledge of electrical componets
Nathan K. H. - (Electronics)
Electronics and Communications experience.
Mark Bennis
HVAC and Electronics Skills
D. Kuser
Electro. / Assembler
Assembler, QC etc.
Walter Ziskowski
Electrical and electronics skills

Mark R. - MSE
Plant Mgmt., Production,
Adeel Ahmed
Mechanical Engineer
Patrick Diviney
Kiln Experience
M. H. - LeG
Varity of Engineerring Experience
John J. G. ,EIT
Outstanding Experience and Education
A. Patel
Mechanical Engineer, BE also in Textile Engineering. Tons of Computer Skills!!!!
Matthew A.
Biomedical Engineer
Naman Patel
Mechanical Engineer
John R. Carson
BS Mechanical Engineering
Pratik A.
Extensive world wide engeneering background
Umesh Patil
Mechanical Engineer
A. Patel
MS Mechanical Engineering
Daniel MacFarland, EIT
Engineering Graduate form U of Pitt!
Richard C. K.
Extensive Industrial Engineering Background
J. Patel
BS Mechanical Enginerring
Rangul, O.
Scott S.
QC / Engineering
D. L. Pargas
CNC / Engineering Skills Engineering Graphics Technology, AA
Viraj Doshi
MS in Industrial Engineering - Uni. Tx.!!!
A. Patel
MS Mechanical Engineering

Facilities Manager, Specialist etc
Michael Gates
In charge of all aspects of Manufacturing.
Eric Frederick
Multi Skilled Specialist
Michael West
EXCELLENT Machine Maintenance and supervision skills
C. J. Krause
Ops. Mgmt. / QC/ Elec. Eng.
Tracy Goldsbrough
Many diverse skills
Mark Andrews
Facilities Management with diverse industries

Food Services ETC.
Michael Mitchel
EXCELLENT all round production and management skills
Harvard, Emily
Food services, Supervision / Management& Machine operator skills
Keith Jones
General Labor and Food Services
Peter Pingitori
Food Services / QC
Randolf Lopes
Production Manager - FOOD
Jay J. Richardson
Excellent food production machine skills

General Labor - Fork Lift Operators
Thomas Green
Diverse Experience
A.D. Williams
Heavy Equip. Opr. Laborer
Gerald K. Brown-Swain
SR / WH, Dock worker
Thomas Prutzman Jr.
Missl Skills
Wyper Jr. J M
Skils of all types
David Williams
Heavy Labor / Concrete
Dillon Unger
MIG, TIG Plasma Cutter and other skills
Garnette Morris
Experience in sanitation/custodial work
Rafael DiTommaso
S/R, W/H - General Labor
Brian Newman
General labor S/R, W/H
Brian Newman
General Labor and Manufacturing Associate
Tyrone James
Strong laborer with experience S/R
Rowe, R
Misl General Labor
Charles Perry
Strong laborer with maintenance experience
Thomas Smarowsky
S/R, W/H, General Labor
Carl Green
General Laborer, and S/R -W/H
Hazley, W.
Lab Teck, Boiler Worker, Gen Lbr
Darryl Wilson
Experienced laborer in W/H
Thomas W. Prutzman
General Labor, S/R W/H Fork Lift Operator
Bedell, W.
Varity of experience and computer literate
Ray Murray
Glass Glaser, Fork Lift, Welding general Skills
Patrick C. Richmond
General Labor, Fork Lift Operator
D. Dickens
Fork Lift skills and general laborer
Y. Kim
Various experienes in manufacturing labor
C. Shields
Various experience
Malik Lampkin
Gen. Laborer with S/R and W/H
Michael Jones
S/R, W/H, General Laborer
J. Morrison
General Help
Vern Goodwin
Assembly, Restoration, Janitorial
Thomas Prutzman
S/R - W/H Missl Experience
M. Crespo
Varity of Abilities
Drayton, w.
Multi skilled Laborer
Hennard Bennett
Multi-skilled laborer
R. Matthews
Gen. Lbr. / Heavy Equip. Opr
James Colwell
Extensive printing experience
Alejandro Velazquez
Variety of basic Manufacturing maintenance skills
Nikky Bacastow
Jack of all trades laborer
Nicholas Boone
Mechanic as well as multiple other manufacturing related skills
Marcio, E.
Welding, Pneumatic tools, Sheet Metal and Plastics experience
Guenson Pierre Toussaint
General Labor
Tingle, Mark
William Shinkowitz
Veteran and Fork lift skills
Derrick Webster
Electrical field labor (meters)
David Quinones
Jack of all trades/chemical
Georgette K. - (Gen. Lbr. Hev. Equ.)
Heavy Equipment Assembler & Crane Operator.
Fred Hamiel
General Laborer variety of skills
Justin Kinkaid
Welder's Assistant / General Laborer
Alden Wise
CNC Machinist and Forklift Operator
Jamal Cunningham
Variety of general maintenance skills
James Howard
Upside growth potential
Alex Pagan
Multiple skill set
Esteban Santiago
General Labor, Heavy Construction, Concrete, Supervision Skills
Jermaine Palmer
Variety of skills
Karl Jones
Warehouse and General Labor
Jose Aviles
Has experience with handling haszmat materials
Nathan Fritzinger
General Labor with skills in Electrical Components, Circuit Boards, and PLC's
Marvin A. B. - ( Gen Lbr & Assembler)
Assembly Experienced & Machine Operator
Richardson, Jarmaar
Assorted general labor skills.
Stephen J. - ( Gen. Lbr. )
General Labor
W. Chughtai
Welder & GL
Joshua B (GL /Weld)
Extensive Skills and Experience
Matthew Schmanek
Shipping Receiving and General Labor
Lamb, Marcus
Variety of SKILLS!!!!
Paul Shea
Roofing etc skills
Daniel Ferraro
Truck Driver and General Labor
Osborne, Matthew
Heavy building maintenance skills
Richard Fruehwirth
Variety of General Labor Skills and experience

Heavy Equipment Operators
Manuel A. R. Jr.
Bilinguel, Crane Opr and Carpenter experience
Daryl Williams
S/R - W/H Heavy Equipment Operator
Daryl Williams
S/R - W/H Heavy Equipment Operator
David White
Heavy Equipment Operator, Crane Operator, and Welder!
K. Johnson
Crane, Forklift, Saw, Grinder
Kase J. - ( Heavy Equip. Opr)
Cranes, FL., Saws, Grinders etc.
Michael Aster
Shipping receiving and heavy equipment operator.
Martin Carlyle
Frontend loader, excavators, skid-steer etc

Human Resources (HR)
Thompson, AM
HR Administration Awesome Experience
Demarice D.
EXCELLENT Education and Experience!!!
Ellenora Cutler
Loss Control / Safety

Luis O.
HVAC Schooling and Experience
Mark F. - (Electrical & HVAC)
Electrical & HVAC
Hakim Mihfad
General labor, HVAC Installer
Sam S.
Extensive HVAC experience
Lamar Montgomery
HVAC experience
Brandon Lockett
HVAC System Maintenance
Jeremy Benson
OSHA Certified!
Henry Manlove
HVAC, Plant Mgmt Skill, Electrical back ground
Jeremy B. - hvac
Experience and Education
Mark Bennis
Electronics and HVAC skills
William V.
12 Plus years of HVAC experience
Norman Mercer
Mechanic, HVAC, License Contractor
Jeremy Benson
Certifications abound!!!
Reinaldo Maldonado
Variety of HVAC Skills and cert's

Inventory Control
J. Agnew
IC specialist

Machine Maintenance
Jim McLaughlin
EXCELLENT Facilities Specialist
Michael Mc Dowel
No electrical Skill but the rest of the package is there.
Richard M.
Vast and diverse experience
Arceino Perez
Bi-lingual skilled machine maintenance
Bruce Bongiorno
Multiple skilled Man!
William H. - (Machine Maintenance)
Excellent Machine Maintenance for Manufacturing
Jeremy McCauley
General machine maintenance
Shandon R. - (Gen Main. Sup)
Extensive Supervision and plant maintenance experience.
A. Vasconcelos
Facilities Maintenance Technician
Howard C.
Maintenance, millwright and electrical experience
Gerry E. L. - (
Maintenance, Operator& CNC Skils
James N. ( Machine Maint & Welder)
Varies experience in machine maintenance and welding.
Curtis G. V. - (Gen Plant and Machine Maintenance)
Multi-Machine Operator and Maintenance Machinist
Tim Weaver
Extensive Machine Maintenance and repair experience
Neil Maestre
EXCELLENT Facilities Maintenance specialist.
William E.
Multi Talented
William "Bill" S.
Excellent and varied expierence
McMakin, J
Heavy machinery Repair Experience
Briggs, D
Machine Operator, Electrical Experience, fork lift experience
Gunning, William
Diverse Machine Maintenance Skills!
Vernon W. G.
Multi skilled
Hicks, Jamie
Multiple machine facet repair knowledge
Tyrone Shamwell
Experience with machine maintenance and upkeep
Eric E. E.
Excellent and varied maintenance experience
Andrew R. H.
Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing etc, Experience
Aaron Coppage
Production Worker, Mechanic, Pipefitter
Daniel L.
Extensive Experience
Mark Andrews
Facilities Management with Machine Maintenance skills
Jackson, Ricky D.
Excellent Individual and work skills
Aaron Coppage
Machine Maintenanice and pipe fitting skills
Arcenio Perez
Large variety of machine repair and maintenance experience
Stephen Pockers
Hydraulics, Pneumatic, etc., etc.
Jason Reed
Facilities Maintenance
Earl S.
Sr. Mechanic and Maintenance Engineer
Mark T. - MM
welder, fabrication, design, HVAC etc.
W.R. Marchiani
Awesome and varied experience!!!!
Mark F.M.
Excellent variety of machine knowledge.
Jim H - MM
Stable and well rounded Experience! Great Presentation
Jarrett W. N. - Mach Main
Mach Main
N. Georgedes
Maintenance & IC
Art Patrick
Pipe fitting, Welding, Millwright duties
Ricky D. Jackson
Intelligent and Skilled
Howard W.
Multi facited machine maintenance technican
King Hatchell
EXTENSIVE experience!
John McDermott
Master Mechanic and Management
Ricky D. Jackson
Intelligent and Skilled
Alvin O. McCollin
Master Mechanic
Michael McD.
Extensive Diversified Experience
Michael Beltz
Multi type machine operator and Maintenance
Bart Slubowski
Master Mechanic
Matthew Seidt
Machine Maintenance Mechanic
Ricky D. Jackson
Intelligent and Skilled
McCollin, Alvin
Master Mechanic
Grant, V W
Industrial Mechanic
Alvin O. McCollin
Master Mechanic

Machine Operators
Edward M. K.
Mach. Opr., Mchinest, S & R Experience
Anthony M. - MO -QC
Machine Operator, Quality Control Fork Lift and Crane operator Certified
Alberto C. - ( Machine Operator)
Machine Operator
Terry C. - MO.-Ele Assmb.
Electro Mechanic Assembler Fabricator Machine Operator
Terry McG. - mo , mm
Machine Operator and Machine Maintenance Mechanic
Thomas T.K. - mo,cnc,qc
Machine Operations - CNC - Quality Control
Andrew T. F.
Air Force Vet Machine Operator Trained OSHA Certified
Erbert L. J. - (MO)
Navy Vet - Machine Operator
J. Falu
Multi skilled
Charles L.T. - Mach. Opr / Fab.
Machine Operator, Sheet Metal Fabricator
C. G. Casey
Hands on experience
Anthony D. M.
Metal Fabricator
Johnell SA. A. - ( MO)
Machine Operator, S& R. FL Skills
Fiador M.
Ship Building and Fabrication
Jsames McL.
Tech to Sup!
Adam, B.
Finishing / Slitter Opr.
Fox, A
Veteran, Stable !!!!!!!!!!!
G. E. Liebert
Machine Operator / Maintenance CNC Knowledge
Farrell, T. E. Jr.
Press Operator
Rivers , K. A.
Richardson, L
As stated
Aviles, C.
Plastics, CNC Etc.
Arias, W.Y.
Welds also!
John R. G.
Machine Operator and Shipping and Receiving Experience
Little, L
Vast experience
Jerome A.P. - MO
CAD and CAM Layout Experience
Marc A.
Multi experience background
Stelmanski, J
Welding and Machine Operator Experince
Ashman, F
extruder, slitting - FL operator
Haupt, Chris
Machine Operator excellent experience
McKinley McM.
Multi Tool Skill Set
Larry L. - MO
Metal fabrication, production
William L. R. - (MO)
Extensive CNC and various machine type operator
Rick L.
Machine Operator
James E.S.
Machine Operator / Welder Skills
Curtis C.
Printing Machine Speciality
Dave Best
Machine Operator and Welder
K. Davis
DMS CNC etc. Skills
J.D. Layre
Impressive list of machining skills
Carl Green
Multi Industry Skills in machine operating as well as SR and Warehouse
Mathew Thomas
Experienced multi-faceted Machine Operator
Clayton J D Rapelje
CNC / Machine Operator
Lewis Warner
Machine Operator and Press Operator
Michael Mazzanti
Multiskilled and Tallented
Hafeez Tahreem Rehman
30 years Mill Operating Experience
Darius Johns
Slitter and Steel Mill and OSHA experience
Eric Johnson
Machine Operator and Welding Experience
Michael McAleer
Young and Bright quick learner
Kevin Spires
Mold Injector
Carlos Rodriguez
Machine Operator Assembler Heavy Equipment Opr.
J. Cazillo
Skilled Machine operator & Fabricator
Rodnty Edwards
Experienced Machine Operator - CNC
Samuel Fisher
CNC, Lathe, FL Ops., Brake Opr.
Joseph Weiser
Machinist / MO
Doris Forrest
Operator and Packer
Jay J. Richardson
Food manufacturing machine operator skills
Thomas Curran
Extensive Food Industry experience
Cliff Mercer
Tool Die Maker, Machine Operator, CNC Experience
Sean Ellerbe
Machine Operator and Manufacturing Technician
William Perry
Steel Mill Machine Operator
Rawle Williams
Machine Operator, and many other skills
Russell Fritz
EXCELLENT Employee and Machine Operator
Hawthorne, Steven
Diverse Machine Experience
Sean Ellerbe
Chemical Machine Operator
Terrell James
TERRIFIC Bright Person / MO!!!!
T. James
Excellent education and machine knowledge
David Mendez
Machine Operator and Chemical Production skills
Hennard Bennett
Multi-skilled laborer Machine operator
Terrell James
A really terrific, professional candidate with great AutoCad etc skills. Wants to PLEASE!!!
Shawn M. Peak
CNC Mills / Lathes, Auto Cad, Drawings
R. Ortlip
CNC, Machine Operator
John Thomas
CNC Operator
Terrance Nicholson
Press to break, Punch press experience
Delfin Aponte
Excellent and consistent operating skills. Very Intelligent person, well spoken!
Kenneth Rivers
CMM, PCDMIS, Aircraft and Nuclear experience
Gary Slick
Operator and Assembler
Alden Wise
CNC Machinist and Forklift Operator

Kheven Hicks
Machinist & S/R Specialist General Labor
Justin M.S.
Various metal machine experience
Flex R. - M
Donald Jones
Machine Operator / Brake Operator
Randy Raisner
Gas Turbine / Machinist Repair / Machine Oper.
Mark T.
Machinest / Maintenance
Harry R. B.
CNC, Welder, Machine Operator
Fred Wood
25 plus years of Machining Experience
Ryan S.
Machinest / Operator
John E. C.
Service Technician
Aaron Sofield
Tool and Die Maker, All round Machinest
Thomas D. W.
Machines / Fabricator
Dillon C.- B. (CNC)
CNC machinest / Operator
Brian McO
CNC & Lathe experience
Leo E.C.
Machinest / Maintenance
Maureen L.
Assembler and Production Operator
Mark T.
Machinest - Mechanic
P. Grant
CNC operator
Kevin V.
Manual Machinest
R. Ritter
Skilled Machinest
Scudder, R
Skilled Machinest - Tool Maker

Mechanical Assembly - Electrical
Wayne L.
Talents, tooks, skils!

Warner, L
Industrial and Residential welding and painting
Young, S
Painting, dry wall, - Job Corps Grad!!!!!
Kevin McI. - ( Painter / Skilled)
Exceptional Manufacturing Painting Skills
Robert L. Ross
Many Skills, Painting, sand blasting, coating!!!
Horter, B
General Carpentry Plumb., Ele., Paint., Carp., etc.
Lewis W. - Paint / Sup
Excellent Manufacturing Paint Skill Set
Figureoa, Carlos
Painter skills, Coater
Robert R. - (Painter)
Variety of Painting Techniques
S. Sullivan
Auto Body education and experience
Tapper, J
Various types of painting exp (Auto)
Figueroa, C
Industrial and Commercial experience
K. McIntosh
Very Skilled

Pharma / R&D
Patrick N. - (Pharma R&D)
EXTENSIVE Skill and experience

Plant Supervision - Mgmt.
Nathan L.R.
Intriguing Variety of work experience
Frank J. V.
Ops. & Finance Mgmt. Supervision Technical & Financial understanding of Manufacturing
Troy A.J.
Excellent, excellent, excellent!!!!!!!!!
Candidate 19124
Excellent hands on and management leader
J. Menzano
Ops Specialist
Gulraiz A
QC & Plant Mgmt
Confidential - CTM
Plant Management and Supervision
John Howell
Pharma Skills!!!!
Seyfettin Azak
QC & Production
Steven J. N.
Plant & Prduction Mgr.
John G. (Chem.)
Chemical S & R Mgr.
Rodriguez, Johnny
Building and Property Maintenance Supervision
William B. - (Prod. Sup)
Extensive Education and Skills
Ahmad Hijazi
Excellent education and management skills
Philip T.Y.
Plant Engineering and S/R experience
Matthew H.
EXCELLENT Facilities and Plant Management
Frank Roberts
Materials Supervisor
Daryl Knight
Supervisor - Food Sanitation
Stephen G. S.
Manufacturing Engineering & Automation Tech Pharma Plant Mgmt.
Steven A. C.
Technical, Plant, Sales, Construction Experience
Jason Walker
Intelligent and Talented
Michael J.D. Jr. CNC Shop Super.
CNC Foreman
Anthony Bernardo
Production Manager
Brian V.
Production Supervisor
S. Wenzel
S/R Supervision
Scott J. - Ops Mgr
Print Experience and SUPERVISION
D. McHugh
Warehouse Supervision
Steven A. C.
Plant Supervision Experience
Orest A. H.
Experienced Manager
Louis F. Sr.
Facilities and operations manager
S. Boccard
Plant Supervisory Skills: Welding, Machining, Electrical Engineer,BSEE!!!. VETERAN
Thomas A. P.
Vast experience
Anthony S.
Operations and Production Mgmt Experience
William Panas
Excellent Administrative and technical knowledge
Dwayne Walker
Unique skills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thomas P.H.
Exceptional Administrator and Plant Management
Paul Sackie
Excellent Manufacturing and Management Skills
Andrew W.
CNC machining and managment Experience
Steven Crossan
Various Supervisory skills
William Bonney
Production Supervisor
M. Evans
3 rd shift supervisor of 39 employees
John G.- D. o. O.
Director of Ops. & Plant Mgr Skills
Thomas D.C.
Results driven Plant Manager in a CNC manufacturing environment.
EXCELLENT Facilities and Plant Management Skills
Anthony C.
Production Supervisor
B. Adam
Warehouse and Production Supervisor
Paul Sackie
Excellent Manufacturing and Management Skills
John K. - ( PM & Act. Mgr)
20 + Years Experience
Roger D. R.
Excellent Education and Experience
Paul J. M.
VP Ops., CNC Machining, Plant Mgmt.
Bruce Epstein
Take a look you will not be disappointed Ops specialist and Plant mgmt.
Neal H.H. Jr.
EXTENSIVE Experience including Supervision
William "Bill" S.
Excellent Skills and Experience
Christopher P.Z. Sup
Plant Management
Kris H. - ( Manufacturing Plant Mgr./ VP OPS)
Exceptional Manufacturing Plant VP of Ops and Production
Carlton Williams
Safety, QC, OSHA, Deliver and Cost Experience
Stacy Nagle
Management of Parts etc and Purchasing
Stacy Nagle
Management of Parts etc and Purchasing
Christina Petkus
Project supervisor and quality control
John G. - (Plant Mgmt. & Supervision)
DO, Plant Mgr. SKILLS!!!
Daniel Baskin
Production Manager / Plant Supervision
Thomas H. - (Mgmt / Super.)
Manufacturing Production and Ops Specialist

Jacob Michaels
Pipe Fitter
Lamar Montgomery
Plumbing experience

Printing (Press Operators)
Timothy J.W.
Pressman Maintenance
AndyK. - Printing Press Opr
Lead Press Opr.
M. Lamb
Pressman / Mach. Opr.
Scott J. _ Ops Mgr
Print & Supervision
Timothy W.
Extensive Printing Exp.
John T.P.
Vast diverse experience
James Colwell
Extensive printing experience

Quality Control
Frank Shipley
BS, BA, Pre-Med, Chemistry
Mark E. S.
OSHA / QC expert
Jo J. L.
Skilled QC person
H. Moua
QC Lab
Christina Petkus
Project supervisor and quality control
Cushing, Hasan
Self employed business skills
Joseph Gausch
QC, Production, Super.
Steven Jackson
QC Plant Management
Samuel W. - Q.C.
Just look at the training and the Experience!!!
Olkowski, C
OC - R&D
Stephan Elbers
QC Supervision with a electrical focus
Parker, D
QC Lab tech
William Ross
Plant Management - QC

Sales & Marketing
James J. H. Jr.
Sales & Marketing Customer Service Experience

Cynthia L. J.
Commercial Sewing experience

Sheet Metal Workers
Andres S. - S.M.W.
Sheet Metal Fabricator and Worker Brazing and Crane Certified
Robert L.
EWxtensive and Various Experience
Anthony G.
Various Expereience including Sheet Metal
William P.
15 years of Sheet Metal Expereience
Charles N.
Ten years of Sheet Metal experience
Darryle B.
Over 10 years of Sheet Metal Experience
Juan Rivera
Sheet Metal and MO experience
Brian Toland
Sheet metal experience and S/R , and W/H skills
Larry F.- Metal Shop Super
Varity of metal working experience

Steel Fabricator / Machine Opr.
Biagio "Bill" D. - fab.
Machinist / Tool Maker
7+ years of Artistic Fabrication
Baker, H.
Plasma Cutter
Joseph Perez
BS environmental sciences, VETERAN, Hazemat / OSHA knowledgeable, Certified crane operator
Andrew J.W. - Steel Fab
Structural Steel & Machine Operating Experience

D. Ansah
General Labor

Warehousing (Shipping & Receiving)
Gen. Lbr. / S/R , W/H
Kevin Tillery
General Labor, Shipping/Receiving
E. Brown
Shipping Receiving / General Labor Skills
Julius Miller
Warehouse Shipping Receiving and Fork Lift Cert
Michael D'Aulerio
Forklift Cert
Sam Morales
All types of general skills a Jack of all trades?
Jason King
Truck Driver S/R
John McPoyle
Production Shipping Receiving
Jay Karp
Shipping Receiving Supervisor
Paul Brown
Variety of custodial Manufacturing skills
D. Peterson
General Labor / Shipping Receiving Skills
Bryant Poller
Picker, Packer WH Mgr. !
Lee, M
Picker, packer, Inventory Super.
Herbert, E
Fork Lift and Pallet Jack Cert.
Alberto Santos
Ware House Shipping and Receiving Manager
Chris Fischer
Electrical Education, Shipping / Receiving and WH experience
Mamadou Sidibe
DOT / OSHA / Sr Skills
Rosco Crosby
Also is certified to drive a Fork Lift
Darrell Andrews
Shipping Receiving WH fork Lift Driver
Demetrius Mungin
CDL-A, Forklift Cert.
Thomas, R
Forklift Cert., Welding, Carpentry, Ele.,etc Experience
Leonard, W
Good Skills!
Brian Davenport
Managed a crew of 14 !
Hickman, O
Multiple kinds of experience: Forklift, electrial, packing
Jeremiah Heywood
Shipping and Receiving and Warehouseman
Richard Roberts
General Laborer and Warehousing experience
Albert Cayamanda
Shipping and Receiving specialist
Larry Cook
Shipping and Receiving Warehouse Skills
Warehouse and welding as well as fabrication experience
Nanette S. - s/r - w/h
Diversified Experience.
Christopher Apple
S/R WH & Fork Lift
S. James
WH / SR / Gen Lbr Skills
Charles W. - (WH & S/R)
Management of larger Companies
Oscar Arrieta
Forklift experience Shipping receiving
Maurice Hunter
Line production representative with S/R skills
Rick Lopes
Machine and forklift operator
Alden Wise
CNC Machinist and Forklift Operator
Frank LaPorte
Shipping and Receiveing as well as General Labor help
Taron Hoyle
Printing SR / WH
Lewis Bindschusz
S/R - W/H, Gen. Lbr.
Lee, M
Vet!!! Inventory Specialist
Darryl Wilson
Experience with S/R
Lee, M
Vet!!! Inventory Specialist
T. Eckert
Skilled WH person and more
Ricardo Ayala
Experience packaging in S/R
Ray Trainor
Shipping Receiving Manager
William Johnson
Experience in delivery and S/R
Williams, G J
Machinest, Truck Driver, General Lbr
Negron, E
EDUCATION Classes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Philip, AM
S/R - Driver, CDL & Welding
James Gregory
Also has welding and Electrical experience and certification
Tyrone James
Strong laborer with experience S/R
Michael Owen
Food / SR WH Skills
V. Lawrence
K. Hicks
Gen. Lbr. S/R
Carlos G.
S / R Mgr. Production Mgmt.
Pat Heidrick
M. Haile
W/H S/R Gen Lbr
J. Agnew
Inventory Control Specialist
Syreeta M. - S/R - W/H
Shipping Receiving warehouse experience
Maurice L. C.-T.
Varity of positions within Manufacturing which include variety of transport methods.
Clyde West
S/R WH & Gen. Lbr.
John P. Ash
Francis R. S. -S/R
Variety of heavy and light transport equipment experience.
Renee Hite
SR WH specialist, has worked with Hazmat
Dereck W.
OSHA specialist & S/R
Carl Green
Machine Operator in various industries and SR skills in warehouse.
Duran J.
Entry Level
Michael Aster
Shipping receiving and heavy equipment operator.
James A. P. - S/R Heavy Machine Oper.
Heavy Machine Operator and Warehousing experience
Lawrence H. - wk sr
Fork Lift Opr. Certified and tool experience.

Fred Cartlidge
Fabrication and welding skills
Furnace Operator & Fabricator
Chetan S.
Welder Mechanical Engineering Experience and Education
Frank Nilan
Varity of Welding exp and Blue Print reading skills
Ron Stokes
Welder / Fabricator
Howard W.
Multi facited machine maintence technician
D. Osurio
S. Philson
Welder / Fabricator
Thomas S.
Welding Experience
Anthony M.
Hakiem F.
Welder - MIG
Lewis Mendez
J. Grandy
Welding & Fabrication
Christian M.
Welder Fabricator
Robert N. T. - (Welder)
US ARMY - VET Welder
Brian H. - ( Welder / Fabricator)
Fabricatian Welder
Markeith Johnson
Mig, Stick, Flux, Plasma Blueprint reading GREAT SKILLS!!!! and a VET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeremy H. - (Welder)
CERTIFIED in many types of Welding
C. Maxwell
J. L. R. Santiago
See photos of Skilled Welding.
Steve Williams
Lead Welder & Fabricator
A. Davila
General Labor and Welding Skills
Alexander, H.
Industrial Welding
J. J. Colyar
Welder / Fabricator
Steven S. - (Welder)
TIG, MIG, ARC, Plasma welder
S. Johnson
Brian J. ( Welder)
CAD Training, Electrical Skills, OSHA Cert.
Austin N.
AWS Certified
Christian H
K. Wheatley
L. O'Conner
Welder / Fabricator
John Thomas
Welder Veteran !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aleksandar T.
Welder, Multi Lingual
E. J Walker
Welder S/R
David M.
Welder/Fabricator & Certified
Cash "Des" Warren
Welder and Fabricator
Sean Hubert
Multi skilled
Robert Hahn
Welder and Fabricator
Sean Howard
Ex Military Excellent Welding and supervisory Skills!
F. Robinson
Stick, MIG, FluxCore, TIG, SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW experience!!!!
James Fetko
Sheet Metal & Welder
Steven G. - Welder
Extensive & Variety of Welding Experience
Joseph S. - Welder
Veteran ! Welder with extensive experience
Robert Hahn
Fabricate Weld & Construct
Anthony Hunt
Welding & Fabrication Skills
James Fetko
Sheet Metal & Welding Experience
James Fetko
Sheet Metal & Welding Experience
Craig L.
MIG, TIG, ARC welder
Edward J.
Pipe Fitter - Welder
F. Robinson
Welder and General Labor Skills
Lisa V.
Terrific welding experience and references!!!!!
Paul Davis
Welder, Fabricator, Millwright
Jake C.
Santiago, JR
Variety of welding skills
Dave De.
Welding and Auto Body Experience
Craig L.
Multi Talented
James Fetko
Sheet Matal and Welding Experience
Kevin Wheatley
SWAW,GWAW,MIG, TIG, FCAW SKILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anthony Hunt
welding and crane operating skills
Thomas Rathgeb
MIG Welder/ Steel and Heavy Equipment experience
Bogani Mpanza
MIG, TIG Fabricator
Darnell B
MIG, TIG, Flux Core, Stick
Frank J.
Industrial Welder
Deflin B.C. Jr.
You want it he's got it!!!!
Andre Collins
Welding and Machine Operator Skills
James Fetko
Welder & Sheet Metal experience
Stephan D.
Training and Supervision Experience
Drew Suchodolski
Welder, Machine operator, Gen Laborer
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