Programs To Help Develop Your Workforce

To strengthen the business environment of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, WEDnetPA was developed to provide a training network responsive to employers' workforce development needs. This network is called The Guaranteed Free Training (GFT) Program.

WEDnetPA offers two training programs.

1) Basic Skills Training, provides instruction in a variety of basic and entry-level skills.

2) Information Technology Training provides instruction in a variety of information technology and advanced applied manufacturing subjects.

State Training Funds & Tax Incentives
1) New Employees:
On the job subsidized training: Provides training services to new employees for a period of time upon employment.
2) Industry Partnership Consortium Training: A multi-county collaboration between companies in a similar manufacturing area (for example: metal fabrication), who receive subsidized training dollars from the state to help upgrade workforce skills.

3) Customized Job Subsidized Training
: Training tailored specifically to meet the needs of employers for a specified job category.

4) Current Employees:
a. Tax Incentives: Current eligibility information is available for companies interested in accessing Federal and State tax incentives associated with employees in designated categories. When a company enrolls in the Tax Credit Program, the company's information is processed to receive the tax credits for which the company is eligible through the:
- Federal Empowerment Zone Credit
- Renewal Community Employment Credit and/or
- Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  b.Workforce Development:
Staff Development/Supervisory Training: Training is available for supervisors at no cost to the employer. Programs are tailored to each employer's assessment of supervisory needs. The training is geared to improving employee retention through skilled management practices.
b. Literacy, Language and Computer Skills in the Workplace: Through partnerships with local organizations, employees can receive workforce literacy services such as English as a Second Language (ESL), basic reading, math, or computer skills to enhance the skill level and efficiency of the company's workforce.

Programs and eligibility requirement change frequently. Please contact the MAP Employment and Training Specialist for more information on any of these programs. Call: (215) 948-9285 x104.
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